Monday, October 30, 2006

Lux Aeterna Remix

My first post and it involves piracy... (probably)

Hopefully this will save you some time. Googling for a download for this is totally pointless (unless Google led you here).

Download Lux Aeterna Remix

The link above should lead to a Two Tower's trailer remix of Clint Mansell's Requiem For A Dream theme music download. The original Mansell piece is called "Lux Aeterna" (I think... since variations of it are used throughout the RFAD score, it could be validly called a few other names... or perhaps not... eh, I don't know). Anyway, most people call the original "Lux Aeterna", but this Two Towers version goes by a few other names, which include 'Requiem For A Tower', 'Requiem For A Ring' and 'Lux Aeterna (Full Orchestral Remix)'. Whatever its name, it's fantastically rousing.

Go here for real information:
Wikipedia - Lux Aeterna

Here for info on the original composer:
Wikipedia - Clint Mansell

And here for The Two Towers trailer:
Youtube - The Two Towers Trailer


Mike in Michigan said...

Thank you!!! Took about an hour of searching to find you and this wonderful score. Appreciate!

Ares said...

No problem Mike! ;)

Glad to help as long you don't rat me out to the feds...

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Anonymous said...

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